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In today's society, it's imperative that we are able to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. Part of our survival kit in life is getting your message across clearly, whether it is written or spoken. We can tell a lot about a person by how well he or she writes. Starting from the topic of choice, how are the facts/statements presented, and if the reader perceives the message the writer wants to convey. Enhancing your writing skills will help in improving the impressions you give to the people around you. You never know how much you could do with these good impressions. Yet, most of us still have difficulty expressing what we have to say. There may be always a flaw in our writing such as poor punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Also, some of us lack the fundamental skills needed to communicate effectively in writing or just self-assurance in those skills. If you to be an effective writer in a short period of time - this is the training you need. Delhi Consultancy provides basic communication skills training that aim to enhance your basic writing skills. The center will be providing exercises to test your skills and point out writing errors committed. Also, the participants will be asked to practice their writing skills for their own fictional projects, personal or business communications, daily work needs, or other writing opportunities. Adequate feedback from the instructor and fellow students will also be given to the participant and we will help provide solutions to improve your skills. Specific needs and the question of all participants will also be addressed, particularly queries related to the training. Our topic outline includes discussions and activities on:

  • Fundamental Skills in Writing
  • Vocabulary and Spelling
  • Proper choice of words
  • Grammar
    • Identification and correction of common grammar errors

  • Punctuation
    • Commas, Coordinating Conjunctions (and, or, nor, but, for, yet, so), Adverbial Clauses (although, if, because, whereas)

  • Sentence structure and parts of speech
    • Noun (as subject, as object, as adjective)
    • Pronouns
    • Verbs
    • Action verbs and linking verbs
    • S-V Agreement
    • Prepositions
    • Adjectives and Adverbs
    • Dependent and Independent Clauses, Fragments & Run-Ons

  • Writing Process Proper
    • Choosing a topic (theme, target audience, etc.)
    • Format and Clarity
    • Proofreading
    • Citing references

This workshop is open for ages 11 and above. Enroll now! Just download and fill out the application form below and bring it to our office. Don't forget to bring one (1) valid identification card, parents consent (for applicants 11-17 years of age), and a short sample of your written works (creative, nonfiction or work-related).

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