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Business is presumed to be only about money, numbers, sales projections, customer services, goods, and services. Yet, numbers and sales figures are not the only things needed in order to grow a business. Creativity also plays an important role in taking business beyond. Creativity fuels innovation. Innovation pushes progress. Innovation propagates business. Inventions transformed our world, built companies and fortunes and made things that were thought to be impossible, possible. And it all started with an idea brought about by creativity. Creative thinking is the generation of new and valuable ideas in any field (e.g. music, arts, business, science, politics, etc.). Creativity is brought about by the capability of the brain to make new associations and links in order to create a new idea or to respond creatively to a situation. Our two-day Creative Business Thinking training course intends to teach you the methods of creative thinking by applying various practical creativity techniques. We will help you discover your own creative thinking style in order to select the thinking tools needed to harness your personal creativity. It is a highly practical course which concentrates on teaching you to be more imaginative in your daily work. You will be able breakthrough original thoughts quickly whether you are working in groups or by yourself. This highly realistic course is aimed to help you discover how to completely utilize your brain's thinking and reliability in terms of the linear, imaginative and instinctive aspects. In this course, participants will gain the knowledge working with a number of tools to help you be more imaginative. The training enables you to analyze how to use innovation in furthering your existing work role and future performance. This training course helps participants to :

  • Increase their skill to come up with new ideas
  • Recognize that creativity is a real instrument that is accessible to everybody
  • Learn the practical application of some creative thinking tools
  • Value creative thinking as an income generating instrument
  • Appreciate the importance of expressing innovative ideas

During the course of this highly interactive course, we will provide venues for you to practice and assess the skills you are learning. Our course outline includes discussions and activities regarding:

  • Describe the intricate functioning of the human brain processes information
  • Definition and importance of creativity, imagination & innovation
  • Obstacles to creativity
  • Unlimited opportunities that can be achieved
  • Innovative work styles, triggers, and variety
  • Individual and group problem solving and creative mind mapping
  • Creative conveyance and implementation of ideas

Thinking creatively is the eagerness to think more than what is and imagine what could be. Boost your ability to perceive what everyone else sees but be innovative and go beyond what your senses could do. Start now! If you feel that this training workshop could help you, don't hesitate to contact us. Our training committee can help assess exactly what you need requirements.

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